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Col Jim Linzey

Chaplain (COL)
James Linzey, USNDC

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Robert Gates Jim
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Military Chaplains Ministry to the Troops

Military Bible Association is a non-profit, non-denominational religious organization that has a mission of providing spiritual support to the United States Armed Forces. This support is through the Word of God. We are comprised of a board of directors and anyone or any organization who supports this mission.

Our mission, vision, and objective are part of who we are, as follows:

Mission Statement: To spiritually empower military leaders through the Word of God.

Vision Statement: To provide The Military Bible by Military Chaplains and other military Bibles to every chaplain, military member, prisoner, trucker, police officer, and fire fighter who requests one.

Objective: To procure funding through partner support to donate copies, cases, and pallets of military Bibles by military chaplains to chaplains, chapels, service members, military units, prisons, truckers, law enforcement, and fire fighters.

You may learn more by visiting our website:  MyMilitaryBible.com
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