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Chaplain John

John Wenderlein

Remember Me Book
Stone Mountain
Delayed Honor Book

End of life as seen through the eyes of a Hospice Chaplain 

John Wenderlein has spent a lifetime looking for something that was right in front of him. After graduating from seminary, He looked for that church. They were few and far between. Then, one day, the Lord revealed to John that no one should die alone. If it was possible, John needed to do whatever he could for as many as he could to make their last days on this earth filled with the fact they are loved and that there is hope in this next season of their journey. This passion has put Hospice Chaplain John in front of several thousand people who, in normal life, their paths would not cross. In this meeting, John gets to share their last season with them and their loved ones, hopefully giving them peace that it’s going to be ok.

John Wenderlein, Hospice Chaplain, is the author of two books in a series, one called Remember Me (End of Life stories through the eyes of a Hospice Chaplain) and his latest, Delayed Honor. Vietnam veterans are coming to the end of their lives, never resolving how they were treated when they came back. John lives and works in Central Florida. He has been married to his wife, Melinda, for over 35 years and toghether they adore their daughter and grand babies.

You may email John at johnwenderlein123@gmail.com or learn more by visiting his website:  Remembermejw.com
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