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Hebrews 6:19
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Heart & Hope: Where Neuroscience Meets Theology.  Part I & Part II
Hope & Heart Ministries
Previously, Dr. Ben Gray spoke on “Campfire for Men: A Creative Way to Reach Men for Christ." In today's podcast he has agreed to join us and tell us about the women’s version of Get Real called: Heart & Hope.

Dr. Ben Gray is a former college associate professor in interpersonal communication, director of educational services in health care, director of outcome research for psychiatric services and outcome studies for clinical pastoral education.

For your convenience we have decided to break this information into two separate podcasts.

Part I. This first podcast addresses the background and research findings into women who have been traumatized. Ben describes distinct themes that emerge from his field of research.

Part II. This podcast features exciting neurological research where neuroscience and scripture come together to create what Ben calls NeuroTheology.

Be sure to ask for a copy of the Responsive Reading containing specific scriptures addressing emotional trauma that Dr. Oliver told you about. You may reach Dr. Gray at BenGray1945 ( a )

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