Dr. Bruce Oliver 
Podcast Speaker
7 Key Questions To Ask 
On May 29th (Refuge Ministries Abilene TX), Dr. Oliver delivered a powerful and helpful message to encourage the believer.  The title of this message is 7 Key Questions To Ask Before Making Major And Minor Decisions In Life. 

Now you get to enjoy a practical and easy to understand approach to making right decisions.  Dr. Oliver addresses the congregation with a strong emphasis that the BIBLE is the Guide Book for the answers we need before making all kinds of decisions.  The main scripture for this message is Psalm119:105  "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

Will you encourage others by telling them how they too can come to this site (AbundantLivingPodcast.Com) and enjoy these truths for their selves?

You can contact Bruce Oliver by 972-641-8242 or email rev @ pastoroliver.com
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