Dr. Bruce Oliver 
Podcast Speaker
A New Lease On Life 
A New Lease On Life is a powerful testimony by Dr. Bruce Oliver as he shares from the deepest parts of his heart. You will learn of 7 AMAZING miracles he experienced during a 6 month period of his life.

Dr. Oliver encourages the viewer to trust God for peace that surpasses all understanding. If God can do it for Dr. Oliver, He certainly will do it for anyone who will call upon the name of the Lord. Be sure to let us know if this podcast has blessed you in any way. If you get blessed by today's podcast would you take just a moment and share your thoughts on the comment form below. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy today's video.

Will you encourage others by telling them how they too can come to this site (AbundantLivingPodcast.Com) and enjoy these truths for their selves?

You can contact Bruce Oliver by 972-641-8242 or email rev @ pastoroliver.com
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