Trusting On The Lord
Dr. Bruce Oliver 
Podcast Speaker
Trusting In Our Lord 
Dr. Oliver is the invited guest speaker to Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Greenville, Texas Sunday July 17th, 2022,  where he preached on Trusting In Our Lord.  There were 5 main points that completed this message and encouraged all who were in attendance.  People were somewhat on fire this Sunday as they participated with much enthusiasm.  We don't think it was that the people were happy their regular pastor was not there but rather that God was blessing all in church that morning.  

We are all encouraged to be not just hearers of the Word of God but also be hearers and doers.  Will you invite a friend to listen to this short yet moving message?

Will you encourage others by telling them how they too can come to this site (AbundantLivingPodcast.Com) and enjoy these truths for their selves?

You can contact Bruce Oliver by 972-641-8242 or email rev @
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