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ClarityVision is Family Friendly Video Streaming for the 21st Century
Mr. Brett Raio - CEO ClarityVision
Brett Raio is a singer/songwriter, and producer from Maine, USA. Brett is CEO of Kingdom Clarity, and Clarity Vision, the new video streaming platform for clean, inspiring, and uplifting content.

Brett has released over 100 songs including projects like Psalms, 31 songs based on The Book of Psalms in collaboration with over 50 Kingdom artists, the collaborative album Chapters, and his latest album RESURRECTION. Brett’s mission is to reach souls with The Gospel of Jesus Christ and advance The Kingdom of God in these last days. If it’s not for Jesus, it’s a waste of time.

You can learn more about Brett at, and find more about the new video streaming app Clarity Vision set to launch August 26th 2023, at All Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever, amen.
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