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Robin Stephenson Lifetree Adoption

Robin Stephenson


Lifetree Adoption Agency

Robin shares how she helps Adoptive Families with loving and caring homes fulfill their dreams of having children and to aid Birth Parents into a healthy recovery before, during and after placement.

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At Lifetree, we care about the well-being of the Child, the Birth Parents, and the Adoptive Parents.

Lifetree Adoption Agency is a Faith-based, licensed domestic child-placing agency unaffiliated with CPS or Foster Care.

Lifetree is committed to fulfilling the goals and dreams of Expectant Parents and Adoptive Families while carrying out God’s Will for our lives, along with helping advance adoption from a Biblical perspective.

Lifetree's mission is to provide good homes for children by supporting and empowering Expectant Parents in an unplanned pregnancy, holding the highest standards for Christian Adoptive Parents, and always honoring every Adoptee’s adoption story.

You may call 972-491-3333 or reach Robin by email: Robin@LifetreeAdoption.com or go to the website.
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