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 "Ministry Adventures In The Holy Lands "
Yeshua, The Hope of Israel
Pastor David Decker
David's Ministry is called Yeshua, The Hope of Israel, based on Jer.14.8  Get ready for 2 inspiring journeys that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated! Tune in to each Part I and Part Iremarkable 30-minute podcasts.

David has been living in Israel continuously as an outspoken Evangelical Christian since 1980.  His ministry is overseen by 5 godly men in America who comprise his USA based Ministry Board.  Over the years he planted one congregation in Israel and has had the joy of discipling and water baptizing dozens of new Believers.

Ask David to add you to his Weekly Email Update from Israel which is freely available.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Take a break from your busy schedule and discover Amazing things about Israel you always wanted to know but were not able to ask.  Begin enjoying not one but two exciting podcasts today.  

For information call David's cell 972-50-683-3596 /

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