Rev. Wayne Delk
Podcast Speaker
Combat Infantry Communications
Wayne wounded vet.
A good soldier
PTSD - Preparing To Survive Daily
Rev. Wayne Delk Ministries
We are pleased to have Rev. Wayne Delk with us in today's Podcast. Wayne proudly offers an in-depth informational class to cover the Who, What, When, Where & Why of this misunderstood disorder to all who want to educate themselves in order to work with, live with or Pastor a PTSD person.

Your facilitator will be Pastor Wayne Delk. Sgt. Delk saw intense combat as an infantry soldier and field radio operator. He served with the joint Army-Navy operation known as the Mobile Riverine Force, stationed on and around the Mekong River in 1968-1969. Besides standard Unit awards & commendations, he received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat as well as two personal commendation medals for 'Valor & Bravery in Combat'. He has lived with PTSD for decades and will have very valuable personal knowledge and insight to share.

Contact Rev. Wayne Delk at waynedelk @ or call 972-226-5902

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