Rejuvenating the Church and Reinvigorating Faith in Youth

Rejuvenating the Church and Reinvigorating Faith in Youth is a very informative interview with Mr. Amir Sharif. He is the co-founder and CEO of PrayerGroup, a Christian app designed to allow people of faith to interact with each other, worship, and expand God’s Kingdom. Amir has had personal experiences he shares about his faith and provides a vision for the app.

Title: Rejuvenating the Church and Reinvigorating Faith in Youth

Speaker: Mr. Amir Sharif

Amir Sharif is a follower of Christ, husband, a father of six, a technologist, and an entrepreneur. He immigrated to the US in 1982 and grew up in Texas. In 1997, he moved to California and was subsequently blessed with career success. In 2015 he founded Aporeto, an enterprise software security startup, and sold it to Palo Alto Networks in 2019. Now, aside from striving to serve as a Christian, Amir works with other entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

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