Evangelization Connected To A Mindset Transformation

Dr. Gaetano Sottile is recognized as one of the most influential Christian leaders in Italy, having led thousands to the Lord, trained hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders and mentored key public figures in Italy and Europe. In 1983 he founded Italy for Christ, of which he is the President, with offices in Atlanta (GA/USA) and Rome (Italy).

Title: Evangelization Connected To A Mindset Transformation

Speaker: Dr. Gaetano Sottile

Dr. Gaetano Sottile and Italy for Christ’s main purpose is to penetrate the Italian culture with the Christian values of the Gospel through the organization of evangelistic crusades and church planting in cooperation with local churches.

Dr. Sottile is present on more than 50 radio networks, with the daily 90 seconds program (from Monday to Friday) Focus on the Family, with an audience of more than 1,650,000 listeners.

Dr. Sottile has taught on world religions, psychology, leadership, communications and family life. Dr. Sottile has taught in Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland, United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Check Republic, Germany, Malta, South Africa, Singapore, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica, Bahamas, Libya, Canada and 42 States of the United States of America.

His passion focuses in Evangelism, Leadership development and church planting!

Since 2012, Dr. Sottile has been a member of the John Maxwell Team as a speaker, coach and teacher.

Dr. Sottile is the host of the TV program DRITTO AL CUORE (http://dritto-al-cuore.cbneurope.com) on ODEON TV every Friday at 9:00pm with a share of over 500.000 watching.

Dr. Sottile is married to Sondra for 38 years, who is the director of the appreciated magazine “From Woman to Woman” and Senior Producer of the TV program DRITTO AL CUORE.

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