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"Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life"  John 14:6

“Do not take the agenda that someone else has mapped out for your life.”
John Maxwell

About Abundant Living Podcasts

Abundant Living Podcasts is a work in progress for the Glory of God.  Dr. Bruce Oliver started this website with the concept of his ministering to family, friends and others who found themselves on the website.  All that is being done here, is to Lift Jesus Higher.  He alone gets credit for any good thing that happens here.

It was the later part of 2019 that Abundant Living Podcast was born using the domain name of pastoroliver.com. The vision for the site was not very broad.  It was Bruce reaching out the only way he knew how, and that was to talk to others.  Bruce produced several short videos which included Bible lessons and devotionals.  You will find from time to time, that Bruce still gets in front of the camera, on occasion, in hopes of bringing some one closer to Jesus.  

It was not very long after the first few devotionals were added to the site that Bruce felt God was leading him to Interview speakers and create podcasts.  It was important for Bruce that he not copy other ministries who did podcasts and totally trust our Lord for guidance.  Next thing, he found himself interviewing Rev. Wayne Delk, a preacher from Greenville, TX.  The subject was a profound one.  PTSD.  After this podcast came others with different speakers.  

Today this site has grown in ways that Bruce and Winnie could not have ever imagined.  God has certainly been blessing.  With God getting the credit, we have seen interviewed podcast speakers from both the US and International ministries.

Our goals are to provide unique and encouraging podcasts that everyone will enjoy.  Our website has a question on it.  Looking For Answers?  We hope this website will be a safe place on the Internet where people of all ages can visit and find God's Peace and His Hope.  We desire to be a vehicle to help people live the Abundant Life.  There is a quote on the website on several pages that says this.  "With God, I can face tomorrow and experience His peace today."  This is one of Dr. Oliver's favorite quotes he loves to share with others.  

When you find podcasts you enjoy, please send a note directly to the ministry or use our Contact Us page.  We will send your message to the right speaker.  Speakers enjoy hearing from you and so do we.

If you know of a unique ministry you think would benefit by doing a podcast with us, have them contact us here or call 972-641-8242.  

Abundant Living Podcast and Pastor Oliver are ministries of Bruce Oliver Ministries Inc.  We have seen this website grow.  There are more and more speakers being added monthly and our listening audience has steadily moved upward.  There has been several improvements regarding programming and web page design to make this a more pleasurable experience. 

Would you like to partner with us?  We need people who will be pray partners.  Is God calling you to financially support this ministry?  We need people who will help with the costs of making these podcasts available.  Please consider making a one time donation or sign-up for monthly commitments.  Your donations are recognized by the IRS as Bruce Oliver Ministries Inc. is a recognized 501 (c) 3 ministry.  Thank you for making this a prayerful matter.

Contact us with your questions, comments and prayer requests.  We desire to be a blessing to you.  Thank you for reading this About Us page.  Please pray that we can see this ministry continue to reach out in Jesus Name to those who are looking for answers.   

God Bless You.
Dr. Bruce Oliver

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