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What People Are Saying About ALP

  • What a great experience to be a part of the Abundant Living Podcast with Pastor Bruce Oliver. 
    Personally, I was impressed by the detailed preparation of the interview that allowed me to share the heart and real focus of my ministry. I highly recommend following regularly the Abundant Living Podcast because Pastor Oliver is always looking and researching for ministries all over the world that are making a real difference for the Kingdom of God!

    Gaetano (Guy) Sottile IFC- President & Founder
  • I had a great experience as a guest speaker for Abundant Living Podcasts.
    Glad to be one of the diverse voices featured on the website. God is clearly at the center of these podcasts and they are a great way for people to get excited about and drawn into what God is doing. I was given great freedom to share about my journey with God into Christian missionary work among the Japanese both in the U.S.A and in Japan. I was encouraged by the opportunity to share and truly believe that through these podcasts others will be challenged, encouraged and maybe even directed to a new pathway in life.

    Andrew Phillips
  • Nowadays, if you want to reach out to people, gain an audience, or increase reach, you cannot undervalue Internet based platforms especially podcasts.
    Dr. Bruce has an established podcast with an audience that he is ready to share. He is great at helping to set up and outline the segment and really brought us along.
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    Eric Bass, Church Planter
  • I had the privilege of having a thoughtful conversation with Rev. Bruce Oliver.
    Dr. Oliver is an affable and thoughtful interviewer. He prepared me for the interview ahead of time and worked with me to put me at ease regarding the recording session. And, because he was quality-oriented and flexible enough, he had the patience and the grace to rerecord the Podcast to have the best possible outcome. Dr. Oliver's approach and craft will do wonders to inform those in faith or seeking Christ. I am grateful to him for his work.

    Amir, PrayerGroup.Live
  • Pastor Bruce Oliver is on fire for Jesus.
    I have appreciated his dedication and love for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Bruce has always searched for ways to encourage his "flock" to celebrate a strong faith and trust in Jesus. He is truly a "voice" for these times.

    Carmen D
  • Bruce, You have my prayers for your podcast ministry "Abundant Living Blog". 
    One of the great things about this website is that it makes it simple, easy, and quick for a viewer or listener to hear the Word of God. It is also a great way for guest speakers to easily present their message on a variety of biblical subjects. The use of this technology should be especially appealing to the younger generations of today. I pray that many may be reached for Christ through this ministry.

    Lanier Wheetley, Deacon, Bruce Oliver Ministries, Board Member
  • I've visited your Abundant Living Blog and found it be interesting. 
    It was wonderfully accommodating to reach our Lord through your podcast technology and skillfully established choice of usage. God Bless and my prayer is for God's best blessings for you and Winnie for the rest of 2019 and going forward.

    Jesse Kash, Lay Leader Bruce Oliver Ministries, Board Member
  • Dr. Oliver's use of podcasts brings the latest media technology coupled with a user friendly format. 
    What I like most about podcasts is the ability to meet new colleagues around the world and discuss topics in a timely fashion. Thanks Bruce for including me on this wonderful new venue.

    Ben Gray, PhD, Founder, Get Real Ministries
  • It was a blessing and privilege to be interviewed on one of Dr. Oliver's "Abundant Living" podcast.
    The speakers and topics Bruce chooses address timely challenges facing the Church today, and putting it in a Podcast allows Millennials and Teens to listen in a format they feel comfortable using. We pray that God uses "Abundant Living" to reach a wide audience.

    Randy Duke, founder, PocketTruths
  • Podcasts allow you to share your knowledge and/or experience to inform or enlighten others.
    Podcasts allow you to reach people in a vast areas where you would likely never travel. Podcasts are an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to a potential audience of millions.

    Wayne Delk, Pastor, Cedar Grove Baptist Church
  • "Well done thy good and faithful servant". Matthew 25:21 
    I like what I see and it has a warm and inviting message to bring you into the Podcast for "Abundant Living". God is going to use this in an amazing way to reach people with all kinds of Spiritual needs. Amen. His best always and have a blessed day....... Jeremiah 33:3

    JK, Lay Leader

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