ALP Archive List
The Growing Attacks On Religious Freedom
A Different Type Of Disaster
Top 10 I ams List
About Face A Call to Turn America Back to God
Indiana Jones with a Bible and skillet
Christian Life Coaching
Saving Children one life at a time.
The Sanctity of Life
Past Present Future
Trusting In Our Lord audio
Becoming a Different Kind of P.I. A Person of Impact
7 Key Questions To Ask
Walking in His Leading Life journey to serve Him overseas
Church Planting Missions
Living A Balanced Life In An Unbalanced World
Season 1 Episodes 1 - 8 TV Series
Bringing THE CHOSEN to a Church near you
Identity in Christ
Connecting Unreached People to the Message of Jesus
Easter Podcasts (8 Episodes)
Christmas Series 10 Episodes
Abundant Living Blog Intro
Sweeter Than Honey
Want To Be A Podcast Speaker
Whom Do You Serve & US Veterans
”Instances of Unwavering Faith”
10 Priceless Facts To Share With Others
A New Lease On Life
4 Compelling Truths of the Gospel
”Campfires for Men” An innovative Way to Reach Men for Christ” Real Men - Real Issues - Real God
Effective Parenting for the 21st. Century
Why Do You Believe?
The Evolution of Communication through Technology, and its impact on the Great Commission
Heart & Hope: Where Neuroscience Meets Theology. Part I & Part II
A Sermon For Today's Troubled Times
Providing Management Training to Majority World Pastors
An OB-GYN Physician's View On Abortion
John Crone's Legacy shared by Rev. Randy Duke
A Tribute To Our Veterans
Evangelization Connected To A Mindset Transformation
”Here I am, Send Me...To Japan!”
A Phrase Can Change Your Life
Rejuvenating the Church and Reinvigorating Faith in You
PTSD - Preparing To Survive Daily
Building Bridges to proclaim Christ to Muslims.
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